About us

The Magical Journey begins in Ghana, West Africa

The magical journey begins in Ghana, West Africa, three years ago (2018) when I had accompanied my dear mother and daughter to our West African village to see our family home and visit some markets in the area to buy some African gifts to take home on our return to Canada. It had been 11 years since my last visit. At the market, we were overwhelmed at the array of exquisite, handmade items from jewellery to masks, colourful hand bags to immense life-like statues and drums. Each piece of artwork was more stunning than the other. There were vibrant colour upon colour delicately woven fabrics imbued with intricate detail. Each artisan would recount a vivid story about a wood sculpture he had carved. Each carving had a meaningful story related to religion, tradition or an observance about life and some statues had names with philosophical and spiritual significance.

It was then that I wanted to pursue an avenue that could showcase the stories of my beloved African heritage; the artisans' immense talents, and help promote and enrich their livelihood through a fair trade price exchange. Our one-of-a-kind pieces serve as the perfect gift with a story to culturally enrich any home with the flavour of Africa. We invite you to take our artisans' handcrafted handiwork and ingenuity to reside with you in your beautiful home. Take a piece of Africa home!