Handpainted Visual Arts-African Art Home Decor

African art home decor are acrylic paintings on canvas. The paintings reflect typical scenes in Ghana: people working, cleaning, sweeping, fishing, boating, carrying their wares on their head, celebrating at festivals, wearing Kente cloth patterns, gossiping, posing, visiting the market, pounding fufu, riding a bicycle, carrying their baby on their back while working, breastfeeding, adorning themselves, playing a musical instrument, dancing, relaxing, playing with a butterfly, gathering, riding a tro tro, hunting and admiring zebras, leopards and elephants. Many of the paintings done by Ghanaian artists depict the baobab tree in its haunting beauty conveying all types of moods and ambiances. The  baobab tree is an icon of the African continent and lies at the heart of many traditional African remedies, folklore and art. The paintings are acrylic on canvas, original and signed by the artist; sizes include 19 inches X 27 inches; 30 inches X 45 inches and 40 inches X 45 inches. Paintings are purchased directly from artists in Ghana at fair trade prices. 

Adora Mba, who is an African art advisor and editor, opened ADA \ contemporary art gallery in Accra, Ghana in 2020.  She conveys faith in Ghana's long term prospects regarding its art "I am confident that Ghana will grow to become the new art hub of Africa. Looking at the most prominent artists these days, many are from Ghana – the talent is clearly there and waiting on a much-anticipated attention." With interest in African artists booming, Mba who worked in London for many years said that when she started her career, artists from the continent were nonexistent "I once had clients who flagged that they had rather "get a Banksy print" than invest in an African artist's work. The global market has increasingly turned its attention to African and Black artists as viable creators and worthwhile sources of investment – which made the opening of ADA all-the more timely".

The image to the left is Ghanaian artist Amoako Boafo's The Lemon Bathing Suit (2019) which sold for $881,550 US at Phillips' 20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale in London in 2020.