Tips to Incorporate African Art in Your Home Décor


How to incorporate African art into your home decor? Africa is a fascinating destination that will always inspire and linger on your mind whenever you see it. You should bring the essence to your home by creating African-inspired home décor. By adding African inspired art pieces which are Africa handmade fairtrade home décor items you will create an African theme if you love this corner of the country but can't go there. Such themes are ideal for livingroom, family room, master bedroom and to bring comfort to the interiors with fascinating and enticing art pieces.

What are African home decoration's characteristics and how you can incorporate art in your home?

Warm Hues and Light Walls

The traditional houses in Africa are brick buildings as well as huts with clay walls, so if you want to add an African taste to your interior, complete it with something like chalk paint in light hues or textural wallpapers.

In reality, African design is always warmer and you can reiterate the characteristics in your home: cream, coffee shade, ochre, beige, reds, brown, butter and so forth.

Ethnic, tribal prints or animal skin furniture

A typical feature of African home art décor & interiors are solid wood pieces, gently intentioned, crafty and should be geometric. As for tapering or upholstery, if you want to perfectly highlight the landscape, pick tribal prints or fake animal hides which are called faux. It is also suited for African interiors; you should go for wicker or handmade seating for living room or reading corner.

African figurines, Vases, Pottery and Masks

In the history of Indigenous societies, wooden figurines and masks are a holiest subject; and, obviously, no African interior was without any them. Get a number of fake figurines with purposely extended legs or paws, feather masks and a variety of African pottery to decorate your house. These pieces are just what you need to add an Africa feel to your interior, while they are minimalist.

Ethical Textiles and Faux Animal Skins

For textile materials and soft furnishings, Cheetah and leopard prints are number one and, of course, rugs, for these carpets build a tone. For African people, weaving teapots and textiles are a long-standing tradition, each time creating new designs. So, if you do not buy the originals, just find African-inspired textiles, grab a few ethnic candle holders and textile materials such as curtains, linens, sheets. There are more concepts that will help you create African interiors: palm fronds, natural fabrics and decorations, wooden and woven ones in particular, overly large images of African people in the contemporary way, etc. Get excited!

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