African home decor to furnish your home

African home interior design is about decorating your home with African décor to give the feeling of being in Africa. When you step into the home you are transported to the other side of the  world. When you set out on an African themed home decorating project it helps to focus on a single theme or one area in Africa. Many people choose to take their African decorating signs from parts of Africa to which they have an ancestral connection. Ghana located in West Africa is a perfect example. 

African home interior design is all about mixing natural elements with bright, vibrant colors. Red, yellow, and black are the colors that come to most people's minds first when they think of African home decor to furnish your home. Bright colors of any kind, including blues, greens, and purple are right at home in an African themed room as well. 

African home interior design is African art which is filled with meaning. Hand carved statues serve as African home decor to furnish your home. These statues symbolize sought after qualities including peace, fertility, health, money and longevity. Hand carved wood sculptures with symbols of different African tribes are also popular. When looking for African home decor to furnish your home it is important to incorporate authentic pieces of African art into your interior design. You can acquire African art home decor and transform your home into an art gallery. Wooden African masks on the wall are chic. 

African home interior design includes handwoven baskets that are made of natural fiber including rattan, raffia, and elephant grass. They are perfect natural additions to your African-inspired home decor. Colorful hand woven grass baskets from West Africa can be displayed in your dining area or entryway. These baskets, made of natural fibers help retain a connection with nature and are perfect to be placed in empty corners. You can use larger baskets as pots for indoor plants. 

The classic earthy and vibrant colors of African décor style begin with the ochre accent wall and carries through to the various tones of terracotta, earthy brown, deep gold and burnt oranges. Black and white in both strong geometric and organic forms are also commonly found in classic African interiors, and complement other hallmarks of African décor style; natural fibers, wood and linen. Brightly coloured textiles reflect the vibrant landscape of West Africa. The most simple manner with which you can introduce African colors into your space without much effort  is through cushions and other soft furnishings.

Sustainability is the current theme in the interior design world.

African home interior design includes items handmade from rattan, raffia, elephant grass and wood are popular as a reaction against fast fashion. People are searching for more down to earth qualities in their space as a way to retain a connection with nature. Baskets have long been a key element of African style, whether on the wall or as a decorative storage option.

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